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Post: Orlova spoke about the relationship of Zhanna Friske with her parents


Singer Olga Orlova spoke about the close relationship of Zhanna Friske with her family

MOSCOW, July 19 – RIA Novosti. In social networks, Olga Orlova was asked to comment on the relationship of Zhanna Friske with her family. The actor noted that he is in contact with his family and sister.

“For me, Zhanna’s parents are precious people! I met them when I was 18! We cannot communicate 24/7, but we are close people! And it will always be so! Especially since I am the godmother of their grandchildren, our only son is our Zhanna,” Orlova wrote emotionally .

The last Plato was born on April 7, 2013 in Friske’s relationship with her host Dmitry Shepelev. Jeanne died when the boy was two years old. Since then, new details of the proceedings between Friske’s parents and Shepelev have often appeared in the press. In particular, it concerned his shares in two controversial apartments that the landlord wanted to sell.

This year, Zhanna’s sister Natalia gave birth to her first child. The girl’s name was Luna.

Source: Ria

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