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Post: Insiders reveal reason for ‘Batgirl’ release’s cancellation


Insiders say Batgirl was canceled due to Warner Bros.’s new strategy. discovery

MOSCOW, AUGUST 4 – RIA Novosti. Insiders explained the reason why “Batgirl” was canceled from airing. About author The Hollywood Reporter cites sources.

The article described the film as “a victim of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s new corporate strategy.” He decided to shelve the project in order to tax the $90 million film. The show was hired under former WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar. The budget was around $80 million but grew due to COVID-19 protocols.

Just a few months ago, Batgirl was recognized as one of DC’s most compelling movies. Bilal Falla, known for the action movie Bad Boys for Life starring Adil El Arbi and Will Smith, is directing it. For the first time in the DC Extended Universe, Leslie Grace, a Latin American, played the main role. Even Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige showed interest in the movie. In addition to this, Michael Keaton returned to the role of Batman in the movie.

Several insiders told The Hollywood Reporter that the studio plans to invest more money in the project and release it not only on streaming but also at the box office.

In the trial scan, the picture scored 60. The release was early, and often such sessions are held to test the enthusiasm of the audience and not make a decision to close the project.

Batgirl’s test score is IT (2017), which grossed 700.3 million, and the upcoming DC movie Shazam! same as 2.

However, compared to “Batman”, “Batgirl” looked more modest, and this is because the project was originally supposed to be the first among DC minor releases. Nevertheless, the management of the company under the direction of Zaslav was afraid that the film would not meet the expectations of the audience.

The strategy has been revised. First, Wonder Twins starring KJ Apa was canceled. This tape was also scheduled to be released on stream. An insider claims that the studio thought it was pointless to spend $80-90 million on a movie for an online platform. Let’s say there is no guarantee that a movie with a budget of 40 million will attract more subscribers.

The publication states that the cancellation of “Batgirl” may also be due to Batman’s reduced role in Keaton’s performance.

The character Batgirl first appeared in Detective Comics in January 1967. The heroine is also known as Barbara Gordon, the adopted daughter of the Gotham City Police Commissioner. He was a fan of Batman and once saved Bruce Wayne, not knowing that he was hiding under the mask of the Dark Knight. Soon the girl was invited to the team of defenders of Gotham.

Batgirl was supposed to air on HBO Max in December 2022.

Source: Ria

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