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Post: Flutist from San Marino will perform in Beslan on the anniversary of the terrorist attack


San Marino flutist Monica Moroni will perform in Beslan on the anniversary of the 2004 terrorist attack

ROME, August 22 – RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. Flutist from San Marino Monica Moroni will visit Vladikavkaz and Beslan on September 1, where he will perform in front of school No. 1 on the anniversary of the 2004 terrorist attack, organizer of the trip, head of the representative office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia in Italy Mauro Murgia , told RIA Novosti.

We were invited by the Beslan Mothers, a public organization called “Victims of Terrorism Association”. The first performance will take place near the school, the second will take place already on September 2 at the concert hall in Beslan,” says Murdzha.

According to him, the delegation from the Apennines will consist of four people. They have a long flight to Vladikavkaz via Istanbul. The trip is supported by the North Ossetian authorities.

“This is the first time a musician from San Marino is performing in Beslan. We want to honor the memory of the victims, it’s especially important at these times,” Murgia said. said.

He added that Moroni will begin the concert with a performance of the Russian anthem: He played it last year at a ceremony held at the children’s memorial in the city of North Ossetia in San Marino. The wreath laying ceremony will be held in San Marino on September 1.

The terrorist attack on the Beslan school took place on the morning of September 1, 2004. A terrorist detachment of more than 30 people captured school No. 1 during the festive rally. Terrorists deported more than a thousand hostages, including young children, to the school gym. People were forcibly held at school for three days without food or water. The victims of the attack were 334 people, including 186 children and 318 hostages.

Source: Ria

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