Post: Russian folk ensemble held a series of concerts in Venezuela

Russian folk ensemble “Grenada” gave a series of concerts in Venezuela

CITY OF MEXICO, AUGUST 26 – RIA Novosti. At the Russian embassy to RIA Novosti, the Russian folk ensemble visited Venezuela on a tour of “Grenada”.

“The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela hosted a concert by the Grenada Public Ensemble, which is on tour here on the occasion of the International Army Games,” said Alina Ivanova, spokesperson of the Russian Embassy. Venezuelan.

The Russian diplomatic mission noted the significant contribution of this creative team to the strengthening of cultural ties between the two countries.

In addition to the official events of the International Army Games, the ensemble gave concerts for diplomats and oil workers at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela and at the state oil and gas PDVSA field.

The vocal-instrumental folk ensemble of Russia “Grenada” was founded in 1973. The team is known for performing Russian and Spanish works by Latin American poets.

Source: Ria

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