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Post: American theater in Moscow was deprived of Spielberg’s support


Directed by Steven Spielberg. Archive photo

Producer: Steven Spielberg, sponsor of American Theater Moscow, contactless

MOSCOW, August 28 – RIA Novosti. Alexander N, the executive producer of the theater, told RIA Novosti that the main sponsor of the American theater in Moscow – the famous director Steven Spielberg – is in a difficult situation as he is no longer in touch and lawyers are involved in resolving the situation. .

“The situation is difficult, Spielberg cut off communication, the fate of American Theater is a big question. Rehearsals are going on, but there is no funding,” said the source.

Now the theater has involved lawyers to resolve the situation.

“As for the documentary agreements with Spielberg, there was no directly signed document, but we are looking for options on how to further interact with the situation. The court is working on one of the options,” said Alexander N.

He stressed that the cast and crew “remain committed and continue to work.”

When asked if the theater received any support, the producer replied, “Although this project is extremely important for the image of our country, there is no information, organization or financial support.” Currently, the American Theater Alexander N.

Source: Ria

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