Post: Fabrizio Corona hits Andrea Iannone and Elodie very hard

After a photo of the couple went viral, Fabrizio Corona joked about Andrea Iannone.

It never ceases to amaze Fabrizio Corona with their scathing statements, this time directed Andrea Iannone. Former Belen Rodriguez seems to have fallen in love with Elodie and the former king of the paparazzi has a lot to say about the snapshot of the summer couple.

Fabrizio Corona relentlessly with Andrea Iannone

Fabrizio Corona he doesn’t mince words and loves to follow the latest news from the gossip world, not refraining from ruthless commentary when he thinks it’s appropriate. A few days ago, Who Weekly published photos of Elodie and Andrea Iannone together during summer holidays. The footage that follows several reports of what has become the most intriguing couple of the summer, and which seems to confirm the connection between them. However, looking at a photo from Alfonso Signorini’s weekly, Crown he couldn’t help but notice that the Moto Gp rider was looking more and more like him physically.

“Guys, I didn’t know I contacted Elodie. Cosplayer.

This is a cryptic comment Crown did it on Instagram and it went around the net in just a few minutes. According to the former paparazzi, in this way, Yannone he would somehow copy his appearance, and it must be admitted that he is not the only one who thinks so. Since the pilot was a permanent couple with Belen Rodriguezflaunting his great physical changes, several fans accused him of wanting to imitate Crown at any price. Moreover, perhaps precisely because of the common past with the Argentinean dancer, there was never much sympathy between them, if I may say so!

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