EntertainmentEmbarrassing Pleasure: Why Everyone Really Listens to Pop

Embarrassing Pleasure: Why Everyone Really Listens to Pop


MOSCOW, August 30 – RIA Novosti, Tatyana Ryzhkova. There is music in love that it is not customary to accept. Sticky dance beats, silly rhyming pop and rap about money and street fights aren’t considered very intellectual choices. At the same time, high scores indicate their demands. RIA Novosti understands what potential lies in obsessive drives and what they can enjoy.

What makes a song tasteless

“So you can call it a popular, simple, uncomplicated composition with common phrases and motifs,” explains psychologist Lera Golubchikova.

Frame from Despacito video
Frame from Despacito video

“This is music that doesn’t require dialogue from the listener,” says composer and pianist Igor Yakovenko.

According to the musician, composer and actor Grigory Brodsky, “tastelessness”, primitive rhythm, words and arrangement are determined by a kind of image of the artist.

“Often a wave of rejection is not opposed to the song itself, but to the phenomenon it is associated with,” he adds. “Prison chanson, for example, by public transport.“ The Child Wants Tambov ”or“ Black Eyes ”. X” with city market.

Musical demand is created by young people. And their preferences directly depend on the information environment and standard of living.

social embarrassment

What is considered bad taste is also listened to by the mature generation. But often not without a sense of shame.

“There is such a psychological phenomenon – guilty pleasure,” shameful pleasure “, – says Lera Golubchikova. – This label is often affixed to movies, books or music that do not advertise love.

Little square of Aljay Wunder King
Little square of Aljay Wunder King

Shame is a social emotion. It may occur due to the fact that other people’s playlist is different from ours.

“We describe ours with similar taste – it bolsters our self-esteem,” says the psychologist.

A person with different interests feels isolated, his self-esteem suffers.

Lera Golubchikova, “It turns out that people listen to something shameful but desirable at home. And they hide it to meet group norms and expectations.”

healthy mind in karaoke

But why are the conditionally “non-intellectual” parts so appealing?

“Playing Allegrova’s songs in karaoke without hitting the sheet music is garbage,” says composer Igor Yakovenko.

Ridiculous melodies awaken the senses and stimulate the brain, especially “turning on” irony and jokes. This is one of the reasons why pop songs are often parodied by other artists and comedians. For example, the song “Half-breed” by stand-up comedian Ivan Abramov.

Ivan Abramov on the synthesizer
Ivan Abramov on the synthesizer

It can also be a desire to dive into childhood and youth, or to understand youth better, to keep up with fashion. However, song selection is not always suitable for control and reflection.

“There is also the so-called obsessive music that is constantly spinning in the head,” emphasizes psychologist Lera Golubchikova.

Remember the same “Despacito” by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi or “Few half” by Olga Buzova. The psychologist states that according to research, 98 percent of the listeners encounter similar melodies.

Rudeness is a relative concept.

Music has not always been divided into an audience segment and a premium class.

Musician Grigory Brodsky gives an example: “Ballroom dance was based on my name, while polonaise and pavane were considered elite.”

Interest in musical folklore emerged only in the 18th century, in the age of romanticism. Georges Bizet used the melodies and rhythms of habanera, seguidilla, polo and other Spanish dances in his opera Carmen. There are many Russian folk motifs in Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky.

“In Tchaikovsky’s time, in turn, urban romance was inappropriate,” says composer Igor Yakovenko. “Gypsy music influenced this genre, and later the chanson and the author’s song were formed on this basis.”

Born in the poor areas of Buenos Aires, tango received the most attention. This dance was banned in Germany, France, Italy and the Russian Empire. Only in 2009 UNESCO included it in the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

This does not mean that the pop genre will receive the status of a masterpiece in future generations, but it is likely that future generations will appreciate it differently. And the rethinking process is already underway.

From pop to poetry

In recent years, artists and artists have turned to 1990s pop songs and have found a creative source in them. On the streets, schoolchildren and students sing the song “The white night has descended like a cloud”, the clips of Irina Saltykova are called “beautifully made kitsch.”

The Russian television series “Amore” includes Leonid Agutin’s “On the Lilac Moon” and Alena Sviridova’s “Pink Flamingo”. On the stage of “Teatr.doc” in Moscow, they stage the play “Polar Disease”, in which Tatyana Bulanova’s song plays and the audience cries nostalgically.

Frame from the clip of Irina Saltykova Gray eyes
Frame from the video “Gray Eyes” by Irina Saltykova

The opening of the GES-2 Culture House last December was accompanied by a series of exhibitions on the culture of the 1990s. Among them was the project “My clear light” with the participation of Alena Apina, Tatyana Bulanova and Irina Saltykova. His songs have been translated into English.

Gothic artists read texts into the camera slowly and gloomily. The resulting videos made visitors feel like they were listening to Victorian poetry in the spirit of Byron, Shelley or Tennyson.

Still from the clip of Tatyana Bulanova My clear light.
Frame from the clip “Clear my light” by Tatyana Bulanova

More modern pop also inspires creators.

“I did Black Eyes again a few years ago,” says Grigory Brodsky. “I slowed down the rhythm, removed the oriental motif. And the song took on a different meaning, it became Tarantino, a song from ‘From Dusk Till Dawn.’ about those evil black eyes that you can remember and then die of horror.”

Similarly, video blogger Radio Tapok reworked Klava Koka’s track “Left the chat” and performed it in a rough voice with a guitar. An unusual example of Russian chanson appeared.

Pop music as a science object

Not only artists but also scientists are interested in pop music.

In 2020, the Institute of Musical Initiatives published the book “New Criticism. Contexts and Meanings of Russian Pop Music”. The authors of the collection try to understand the peculiarities of society through post-Soviet creativity. They studied: the image of the city in hip-hop, feminism in the image of Russian singers, cultural conflicts and the beginning of a new poem. Such studies continue today.

So don’t be shy if your intellectual friends catch you listening to Klava Koka, Katya Lel or Irina Allegrova. Tell them you’re doing a science experiment. And remember, they may be listening to the same thing alone. Even dance to “Despacito”.

Source: Ria


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