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Post: Painting exhibition “From White to Black Sea” opened in Crimea


Sergey Syukhin’s exhibition “From White to the Black Sea” opened in Tauric Chersonese

MOSCOW, September 3 – RIA Novosti. RIA Novosti was told that in the press service of the Tauric Chersonese Museum-Reserve, an exhibition of works by Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Syukhin entitled “From the White to the Black Sea” has opened in Sevastopol.

Russian artist Sergey Syukhin
Russian artist Sergey Syukhin

“The inhabitants of Sevastopol will be allowed to be transported into the atmosphere of the Russian North, to touch its traditions and see pictures from the life of local fishermen,” the report says.

The exhibition presents about 50 works: easel and book graphics, painting. Many contain fairy tales depicting the life of the inhabitants of Pomorye.

“I hope that the people of Sevastopol will see the calm, strong-willed, free spirit of the northern Russian peasant. Our nature is different: white nights and northern lights. I would be happy if the residents of Sevastopol felt these in my work,” he said.

Exhibition of works by Sergei Syukhin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 02.09.2022
Exhibition of works by Sergei Syukhin

Sergey Syukhin works in the visual arts such as painting, graphics, book illustration and monumental sculpture. Because of the fairy tale plots, the master is often called the Lukomorye artist.

The exhibition is held in the framework of the XIII International Forum of Slavic Art “Golden Knight”. It will last until October 1st.

Source: Ria

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