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Post: Exhibition of modernist magazines of the Silver Age opens at GMIRL


The exhibition of Silver Age magazines will be held at GMIRL from September 6 to December 4.

MOSCOW, September 6 – RIA Novosti. At the State Museum of the History of Russian Literature VI Dahl opened the exhibition “Apollo” from the “World of Art”: magazines “personal freedom”.

Mi-Apollo poster again.  1911
Golden Fleece Poster Hall, 1908
Goncharov Circus.  around 1907
Advertising poster for the Golden Fleece, 1906

It is dedicated to three major modernist publications of the Silver Age: The World of Art, The Golden Fleece, and Apollo. Modern researchers study this period, including them. At the exhibition, you can see the magazines themselves, learn about the fate of authors and publishers, and the 19th-20th century. You can look at works of art created by artists at the turn of the century.

Its pages reflected new trends in painting, poetry and philosophy. The design was made by the best masters of book graphics of that time: LS Bakst, AN Benois, EE Lansere, KA Somov, MV Dobuzhinsky.

Olga Zalieva, the literary curator of the exhibition, said: “We want to make our exhibition space in Trubnikovsky Lane a place for an ‘art meeting’. They also placed great emphasis on music and theater. The 150th anniversary of the birth of SP Diaghilev, founder and editor of the magazine “World of Art” .

The structure of the exhibition reflects the history of the emergence of “thick” art almanacs and the continuity between them. It is divided into three large blocks dedicated to “Art World”, “Golden Fleece” and “Apollo” respectively. Each chapter is supported by paintings and drawings by prominent Silver Age artists, especially N. Altman, L. Bakst, M. Vrubel, N. Goncharova, B. Kustodiev, R. Falk. Archival materials will inform visitors about creators, users, authors and editors.

“In addition, animated video projections of the paintings that complement the exhibits were used in the exhibition,” adds Olga Zalieva. Russian art”.

According to the curator, the exhibition will interest both connoisseurs and novice art connoisseurs. There are also regular excursions, lecture hall, musical, theatrical and literary evenings.

From “Art World to Apollo”: “Personal Freedom Magazines” exhibition is at GMIRL until 4 December.

Source: Ria

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