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Post: Emma Marrone: “Enough talk about my father and vaccines, he had leukemia”


The Salento singer breaks her silence a few days after the death of her father Rosario.

A few days from the disappearance of his father Rosariowho died on September 5 last year, Emma Marrone tampered with social media with a video posted on Instagram in which he expressed most diligently all his disappointment at conclusions happened on the disappearance of Rosario.

Emma Marrone: “Enough talk about my father and vaccines, he had leukemia”

Dad the singer from Salento was ill for a year leukemia as well as Emma he wanted to clarify and refute some of the news by making an appeal about how to become a bone marrow donor and help with research.

“Hello everyone. I would like to thank you on behalf of me and all my family for all the love you have shown us in these difficult and painful days. I would also like to comment on all those topics that speculate on the good name of my father does the usual figurative and ignorant conclusions on the subject of vaccines. Here, I think life has thought a lot about you. My father has been battling leukemia since October of last year.”

“I will never stop thanking the doctor and the entire medical team. They followed us, treated us and helped us in such a difficult moment. And all those people who ask me these days: “What can we do for you? can we help you?” Here’s what to do. Visit the ADMO website. Find out how to become a bone marrow donor because this country needs more donors. Helping others means helping yourself. The more of us, the more lives we can save. That’s what we all need to do. For us, for life. Thanks to all”.

In Instagram story, Emma also criticized journalists and photographers. who did not respect the pain she and her family are experiencing:

“To all the people who photographed and filmed me and my family at such a painful and personal moment to hit us on social media, I would like to say that we did not deserve such disrespectful behavior. You insulted our dignity and added even more pain. sadly…”

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