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Post: Wannabe – Spice Girls Story: Solo Paths


The public criticized the Spice Girls’ looks, romantic relationships and pregnancies. Too much pressure for back. He leaves the group, begins his solo career. His colleagues continue to tour, but they too suffer from constant criticism.

Under constant fire from the gossip press

The second part of a three-part documentary series explores the downsides of the Spice Girls’ fame. Under pressure from the gossip press, the singers continue to perform in front of millions of audiences; but it happens again and again that one of the Spice Girls bursts into tears on stage.

Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham are facing criticism across the UK as they continue to announce their pregnancies and perform. One accusation: They aim to lure teens into wanting to get pregnant.

The private lives and appearances of the singers are also critically watched and discussed. Journalists and paparazzi are publishing malicious reports about the not-so-pleasant snapshots of the singers.

British newspapers, in particular, outshine each other with offensive headlines and wordplay. When women embark on solo projects, they publicly play games against each other and especially Geri Halliwell.

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