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Post: Universe: Dwarf Planets


For a long time, many undiscovered dwarf planets were thought to be lifeless rocks. In fact, they exhibit surprising properties and are full of fascinating geological phenomena and physical features.

Dwarf planets may have played a much more important role in the formation of our solar system than previously thought. Because our earth’s smaller relatives are nothing more than inactive rocks.

In fact, a firework of startling phenomena is being launched on the few dwarf planets discovered so far: Hidden oceans, disappearing mountains, and glacial ice volcanoes are among the geological phenomena found on these mysterious dwarf planets. The mini-planets may even have provided their larger siblings with important building blocks of life, according to new research.

history of the universe

How are stars formed, what are the dangers of black holes, and how does the universe really work? This science series takes viewers on a journey into the depths of the cosmos. Each episode tackles an exciting topic in astronomy and showcases achievements in modern space exploration. From distant solar systems to dark matter, elements that formed billions of years ago. The history of the universe is often hidden under the mundane.

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