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Post: Paper industry hopes for ‘double boom’


As consumer prices for toilet paper rise, consumers are now feeling the effects of the energy crisis on the toilet. The paper industry now relies on the aid package.

Due to the high energy costs in the paper industry, consumer prices for toilet paper are also rising at the moment. The energy crisis now makes itself felt for consumers when they go to the toilet.

Hygiene products, packaging products, paper for the printing industry – all these products represent an additional burden for the consumer

Winfried Schaur, President of the Paper Industry Association

The paper industry is considered to be particularly energy-intensive. However, most of its sales are not with hygiene products, but with products such as:

  • Paper,
  • Cardboard
  • and carton for packing.

Schaur of the German Press Agency says that a critical limit has been crossed in many areas where “increased energy costs can no longer be reflected on the market”. The economics of production is being questioned.

Paper industry seeks help from traffic light coalition aid package

Schaur assumes that relief measures recently agreed by the federal government will also help the industry.

If the aid package meets expectations, that is, if the “double boom” actually happens, it will also provide relief for energy-intensive core industries.

Winfried Schaur, President of the Paper Industry Association

The industry association calls for coal-fired power plants to be connected to the grid “as soon as possible”.

In order to close the supply gap, Germany urgently needs more base load generation capacity in the short and medium term electricity market, independent of Russia’s energy imports. Schaur demands that decommissioned hard coal and lignite power plants be reconnected to the grid “as soon as possible”.

Even the temporary use of nuclear power plants should not be taboo. Schaur, meanwhile, stressed that the deployment of renewable energies “must be strongly pushed forward and the approval process should be greatly accelerated to replace fossil and nuclear energy sources as soon as possible.”

The industry itself is working on new processes and low CO2 production techniques to reduce energy consumption and therefore emissions.

Source: ZDF

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