MarketGrimm brings one-time payment into the game

Grimm brings one-time payment into the game


Economy Veronika Grimm cuts down on planned gas price brake expectations. Prices have definitely increased. It introduces a one-time payment as a savings incentive.

Veronika Grimm, head of the gas price commission, warned against having too high expectations about the planned gas price brake. “We will permanently end our dependence on Russia,” Funke, professor of economics at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg told the newspapers of the media group. This causes LPG purchase prices to rise.

The gas price will therefore remain significantly higher than it was before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, despite a gas price brake.

Veronika Grimm, Gas Price Commission

The commission cannot act as if nothing happened. Grimm campaigned for a gas price brake in the form of a one-time payment. “It will be important to have a high incentive to save. With a one-time payment, this will obviously be the case,” he said. “If it were to lower the gas price by a certain percentage, there would be a much smaller incentive to save.” If you paid people a one-time payment, they would still gain a lot by using less gas.

Grimm criticizes time pressure

At the same time, Grimm complained about the time pressure the committee was subjected to. “The decision to convene such a body could have been taken a few months ago, after all, the improvement in gas prices was predictable,” he said.

The traffic light coalition of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP recently announced a “shield of defense” to support consumers and companies amid rising energy prices. A gas price brake aims to limit prices for at least a portion of consumption so that private households and companies are not overwhelmed.

A commission of experts set up by the federal government will make recommendations for the design of the price brake. At a meeting next weekend, the commission wants to prepare a “durable proposal” and present it to politicians.

Source: ZDF


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