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Post: The True Story of the Beckhams


She was a Spice Girl and she was a national team player – with their image and good PR skills the two have now created a multimillion-worth brand that goes into the next generation. About the career of the “Beckham brand” and the secrets of its success.

From “strong couple” to glamorous family

Football fans congratulate “Becks” on his achievements with an English jersey who played for Manchester United and later played for Real Madrid in the right midfield. And “Posh” also serves a wide audience of fans and critics when he reports gossip about his clothes, gorgeous properties, and alleged eating disorders.

While Posh and Becks aren’t just publicly acclaimed, prestigious fashion houses like Versace and Dolce and Gabbana are scrambling to dress the new ‘strong couple’ and recruit them for their ad campaigns. The world of fashion opens up new possibilities for Victoria: After the Spice Girls’ last tour, the singer rediscovers herself and establishes herself as a fashion designer in her new adopted country, the USA.

Beckham brand

And a new chapter begins for David Beckham; After his time at LA Galaxy, he ended his career as a football player in 2013, dedicating himself to developing young talent, is a football official and markets men’s perfumes.

The Beckham name has long established itself as a brand that stands for success, charm and realism at the same time. Because Victoria and David sought to rise from the British working class to international high society. His children Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo and Harper are now following in his footsteps and successfully expanding the Beckham brand’s audience.

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