MarketWhy does Europe live under the influence of strikes...

Why does Europe live under the influence of strikes and labor protests?


European countries are facing strikes and protests against high energy prices and the high cost of living. Below are details of some recent and ongoing labor movements and protests.

  • Great Britain

The University and College Staff Union announced on November 8 that more than 70,000 staff at 150 British universities will strike for three days in November to demand better pay, working conditions and pensions.

And the union (GMB) announced that workers at British packaging group DS Smith, whose customers include Amazon, had overwhelmingly voted to strike over a wage dispute.

The Royal College of Nursing also announced that nurses across the UK would go on strike on 5 November, adding that its members had suffered pay cuts for the past ten years and that there was activity to vote to strike. The past four weeks have been the longest in its 106-year history.

The RMT union said on November 4 that a three-day strike by tens of thousands of British rail workers this week had been called off while “intense negotiations” took place over long-term wages and working conditions.

The smaller union, TSSA, confirmed it had also called off strikes scheduled for 5, 7, 8 and 9 November to hold talks with managers at Network Rail and other service operators. London Underground workers were planning a separate strike on November 10.

Britain’s Unite union said on November 4 that hundreds of workers at London’s Heathrow airport would go on strike to demand better wages ahead of this month’s soccer World Cup.

Unite said 700 employees responsible for land, air and cargo handling services employed by Dnata, a subsidiary of the Emirates Group and Menzies, will be on strike for three days from 18 November.

Britain’s biggest domestic lender, Lloyds Bank, has offered at least a £2,000 ($2,242) pay rise to its employees in the country, a source familiar with the talks told Reuters on Nov. annuals started. Banks and employees at the banking sector level, which can lead to higher wages.

LONDON (Reuters) – A British union said on Nov 2 it had given more than 900 bus workers in east London a 10 percent pay rise at bus operator Stagecoach Group amid an improvement in living standards.

Britain’s Royal Mail Group said on Nov. 1 that members of its largest union would hold two 48-hour strikes in late November and early December ahead of the Christmas season.

A British union said on November 1 that it had reached an agreement to give 1,000 beverage distributors from the logistics company GXO a salary increase of 12.5 percent, which would allow them to suspend the Huelgas before the football match of the World Cup. 🇧🇷

On October 28, during a visit to a London hospital, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was met by an elderly patient who told him it was “unfortunate” that the government is not paying more for nurses and that he “should do all you can” to do that. 🇧🇷 Britain’s largest nurses’ union has begun voting to call a strike, escalating the pay dispute amid soaring inflation, the biggest vote in its 106-year history.


An official from the Union of Energy Workers (CGT) said the strike was still going on at the Visine oil refinery, operated by Total Energies, in northern France. And French Energy Minister Anne Panier Ronacher said fueling at French petrol stations was back to normal, with less than 10 percent experiencing problems.

About 45 percent of the French refinery’s capacity was cut on Nov. 2 after a workers’ strike last month, but supply has rebounded since the main refinery restarted, with a second set to resume full capacity by the end. of the week.

EDF announced on October 27 that it had officially signed an agreement with all the company’s unions to raise wages across the country.

  • Germany

Unions in Europe’s biggest economies are demanding wage increases amid inflation. German union IG Metalurur said it called thousands of workers to strike at 15 locations on Tuesday, including Airbus in Hamburg.

Lufthansa and the UFO union have reached an agreement on pay increases for 19,000 cabin crew, the German airline said. The German automaker’s human resources director said Audi preferred to offer employees a one-time payment rather than an ongoing payment.

  • Spain

Thousands of Spaniards gathered in Madrid’s historic Plaza Mayor on Nov. 3 to demand higher wages, in the country’s first major protests since the introduction of the minimum wage.

The USO union said on Oct. 28 that workers at the airline Azul, which serves Ryanair at 22 airports in Spain, had canceled plans to hold several 24-hour strikes between Oct. 28 and 24. From the 1st to the 8th of January, with a request to improve working conditions. 🇧🇷

On November 14, hundreds of truck drivers affiliated with the informal union Plataforma de Defesa del Transporte also went on strike to demand changes in road transport regulations and to protest the cost of living.

The union organized a strike that paralyzed transport in Spain in April. Truckers then received a 1 billion euro ($1.03 billion) support package that included a diesel price rebate and a 1,200 euro cash bonus, but they say the rise in fuel prices has canceled out the effect of these discounts.

  • Portugal

Workers at the Volkswagen factory, one of Portugal’s biggest export-oriented factories, will strike during the first two hours of four shifts on 17 and 18 November to demand an extraordinary wage increase in the face of spiraling inflation. The unions do not rule out that their claims will not be met, the scope of the strike will be expanded. The company offers a one-time payment of 400 euros ($402) in November only.

  • Austria

Miners in Austria received an average annual wage increase of more than seven percent on Nov. 4, above the 6.3 percent inflation rate during the negotiation period. The negotiations are seen as a model for other sectors in Austria, which has a strong tradition of collective bargaining and often leads to annual pay increases to avoid the threat of a strike.

Source: EuroNews


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