MarketCelebrating the defeat of the United States team at...

Celebrating the defeat of the United States team at the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Iran


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According to videos circulating on social media, demonstrators in Iran set off fireworks to celebrate their country’s World Cup defeat by the United States’ archenemy, the Islamic Republic.

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The Islamic Republic has deployed security forces to deal with what it describes as “riots” that began on September 16 following the death of 22-year-old Kurd Mahsa Amin, three days after she was arrested for allegedly violating the strict modesty of the islamic religion. Republic. Dress code. ????????

The city of Sakzi, his hometown, and other cities in (western) Kurdistan became the center of protests against the mullahs’ rule.

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“Sakez residents started cheering and setting off fireworks after the US scored a goal against Iran’s soccer team,” London-based IranWire said on Twitter.

The site posted a video showing fireworks and chants. AFP was unable to verify the authenticity of this entry.

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Another video posted by Kurdish activist Kaveh Qureshi showed a neighborhood in the city of Sanandaj at night where screams and screams were heard after the United States scored the only goal of the match.

And in Mahabad, another city in the province of Kurdistan, according to videos posted on the internet, fireworks began after Iran’s defeat.

Norway-based human rights organization Henkau reported that Iranian horsemen celebrated the US victory in Mahabad by blowing their horns.

The organization also said fireworks lit up the sky over Mariwan, which is also in Kurdistan province, where security forces are conducting a campaign to quell protests.

According to the organization, fireworks were also launched in Paveh and Sarpol-e Zahab, in Kermanshah province.

After the protests, the Iranian team came under pressure from the public and the government, with some Iranians deciding to cheer on the team’s opponents.

“Who would have thought that I would jump ten feet to celebrate a US goal?” tweeted Iranian sports journalist Saeed Zafarani after the defeat.

Podcast producer Elahi Khosrau also tweeted: “This is what you get for playing in the medium. They lost to the people, to the opponent and even” to the government.

“They were defeated. On and off the field,” Iranian journalist Amir Ibtihaj said on Twitter.

With the victory, the United States eliminated Iran from the dispute for the World Cup and guaranteed a place in the second phase of the tournament organized by Qatar.

Former journalist Hamid Jafari tweeted: “The Islamic Republic football team circus is over.”

“News of repression now cannot be hidden behind the victory or defeat of the security forces’ favorite team,” he wrote, referring to video showing Iranian police spilling out into the streets celebrating Iran’s previous victory over the Welsh.

According to the Oslo-based Organization for Human Rights in Iran, Iranian security forces have killed at least 448 people in the crackdown on protests since mid-September, more than half of them in ethnic minority areas.

Source: EuroNews

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