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Post: Many self-employed are afraid to exist


More than 19 percent of self-employed self-employed think their economic existence is threatened. This is the result of a survey by the ifo Institute. Your situation continues to be difficult.

Many self-employed people fear their economic existence due to the energy crisis and the impending recession. The business climate barometer rose 3.4 points in November, but is still very negative at minus 21.6 points. This is the result of the current survey by the Ifo Institute Munich.

Klaus Wohlrabe, head of Ifo polls, explains:

But the situation is still difficult for the self-employed. You have major existential concerns.

Klaus Wohlrabe, ifo Institute

One in five self-employed people is struggling to make a living

Nearly one in five self-employed it looks accordingly threat to economic survival: 19.4 percent feared it in November. That’s slightly less than 19.7 percent in October, but significantly higher than the economy as a whole, as the institute emphasizes.

The current business situation has improved somewhat: positive and negative responses are balanced here.

However, while the self-employed are still very pessimistic for the coming months, the outlook indicator in the overall economy has recently rebounded much more strongly.

At least: Compared to the previous month, self-employed see their futures slightly less bleak.

study by the ifo institute

Source: ZDF

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