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Post: Lost Places: Mussolini’s Italy


Between 1922 and 1943 Benito Mussolini led Italy first into fascism and then into World War II. Traces of omnipotent populism and oppressive fantasies run from mainland Italy to the Greek island of Rhodes.

Silent witnesses of violence and brainwashing

In the center of Teramo’s historic old town stands an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Behind the inconspicuous walls of the nearly 700-year-old building are not only the eternal wings with beds, ancient documents and treatment rooms, but also some of the darkest secrets of Mussolini’s reign.

Here, the Duce locked up unwanted people for flimsy reasons – women who didn’t fit the regime’s role model were particularly common.

On the Adriatic coast, directly on the coast of Rimini, a large complex of buildings – “Colonia Marina Bolognese”, built in 1932, is falling into disrepair. Children and teenagers should spend their holidays here. But Benito Mussolini wanted above all to ensure a strong and obedient generation, rather than carefree holiday joy. Stories of intimidation and indoctrination hide behind the facade of a holiday paradise.

Mussolini’s dream of a new Roman Empire

Sigh of the abandoned Villa de Vecchi.  You can see the doors and windows.

With growing popularity among the Italian population, Mussolini envisioned a new Roman Empire that would spread throughout the Mediterranean region.

The conquest and colonization of Africa and Greece were strategic steps for this. Duce’s dilapidated summer house is hidden in the mountains of Rhodes. The writers follow in the footsteps of the invaders and uncover the mysteries behind the ruins.

Three forgotten places as symbols of Benito Mussolini’s failed fascism – these are “Lost Places – Hidden Worlds”.

The series brings to life the abandoned places of empires long gone. Impressive ruins depict power and wealth, as well as hatred and oppression.

Source: ZDF

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