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Post: Gun Nation – America’s deadly gun spree


Initiatives require tighter controls, while others insist on the Second Amendment and their right to defend themselves. For them, carrying a gun is part of their American identity.

Weapons as part of culture

The documentary paints an unforgettable portrait of an armed nation: the authors visit the Gunsite Academy in Arizona, the world’s largest private shooting school. Gun enthusiasts from all over the country practice their marksmanship here.

The writers also meet people like Brandon Wolf, who survived the devastating massacre at the Pulse nightclub. He has been fighting for gun law reform since the tragedy.

Philip Smith is the founder of the National African-American Gun Association.
The organization’s declared goal: to take up arms as many African-American U.S. citizens as possible.

More guns, more dead

Doctor Stephanie Bonne sees what firearms do every day. She works at a hospital in Newark, New Jersey, where almost exclusively shot victims are treated in the intensive care unit. In his eyes, the misuse of weapons in the United States has already become a real epidemic.

Source: ZDF

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