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Post: Too few women in tech jobs


Technology, computer science, math: According to current research, far fewer women than men fill so-called tech jobs. This is bad for the economy.

According to one study, economic development in Europe could be significantly enhanced by a higher proportion of women in technology jobs. According to a study published Tuesday by market research firm McKinsey, to date, 22 percent of jobs in this sector in EU member states are done by women.

Study: Higher proportion of women will increase GDP

If we manage to double the proportion of women in technology roles to 45 percent by 2027, Europe’s gross domestic product could rise by 260 billion to reach 600 billion euros.

Major shortage of MINT specialists in Germany:

Accordingly, in the EU labor market until 2027, between 1.4 million and 3.9 million workers in the technology environment will remain short of 780,000 workers in Germany alone. This increasing demand cannot be met by today’s predominantly male talent pool in Europe.

The lack of gender diversity in Europe’s technology landscape leads to significant disadvantages for workers, innovation and European society as a whole.

Sven Blumberg, co-author of the McKinsey study

Girls and boys are equally strong in mint issues

Co-author and McKinsey consultant Melanie Krawina said there is no evidence in primary and secondary school that boys are better at math or computer science than their female classmates.

But when it comes to college enrollment for a MINT discipline (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology), there’s a “first dramatic drop” to 38 percent. Accordingly, only 19 percent of young women prefer technically oriented information and communication technology disciplines.

After graduating from university, the proportion of women drops again. McKinsey analysis shows that 23 percent of Mint graduates take on a tech role when entering the workforce. For men, this rate is 44 percent.

To better promote women in the IT industry

Consultants advise companies to better promote women in the tech sector and offer, for example, more flexible working models or better childcare. Companies need to do a better job of retaining women and giving them a reason to stay in tech. The retention of female talent should be promoted as an important performance indicator in the evaluation of managers.

According to the research, companies can significantly increase the number of women in technology positions by hiring female employees from “unused but relevant talent pools” for a technology role, training them and further developing their technological skills.

This measure alone could create around 1.3 million additional jobs for women in tech roles by 2027.

Source: ZDF

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