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Post: He predicted an earthquake on March 8th. Dr. Saleh Awadi to Euronius: My research speaks for me. I’m a scientist not an astrologer


Anxiety and anticipation… and no help! This is the case for millions of citizens living in areas affected by the recent earthquake in Syria and Turkey on February 6th. Its consequences have been felt by residents of neighboring countries in recent times, resulting in more deaths. 50 thousand people and hundreds of thousands of buildings destroyed.

The reason for this concern is the many expectations that have recently emerged indicating that a new earthquake will hit the region in the first week of March and the warnings of several scientists, including the controversial Dutch scientist Frank Hogrebs, who appeared. In his latest video, he tells the world: “I’m not trying to cause anxiety, I’m just warning you of what’s to come…

Then Iraqi geologist Dr. Salih Muhammad Awadi announced to us that he would go further than his Dutch counterpart and date the earthquake more precisely, saying: “Prepare for March 8 in the Anatolian plate region!”, and pointed out that it is “weak and dangerous”.

To discuss this issue, Euronews secured a special interview with Dr. Salih Awad of the University of Baghdad.

Earthquakes are caused by extraterrestrial forces

First, we asked him what data he was counting on before announcing the possibility of a new earthquake in the region on the 8th of this month, at a time when geologists are divided on whether earthquakes can be predicted in advance. Over time, the vast majority of Earth scientists confirm that they cannot determine the exact time when an earthquake will occur.

To this question, Awad replied that “the previous theory could not identify the earthquake and explain the earthquakes until they occurred, but the new theory that he elaborated on the causes of this natural phenomenon and published in 2021 indicates that the cause of the earthquake is not the interior of the Earth, as the old theory goes, but the external forces of the planets.

Speaking to Euronius, Awad remarked that “the Earth is a planet like Mars, Jupiter and Venus, and is a celestial body in the solar system”. Space according to the laws of gravity and astrophysics. , so any planet has a specific geometric arrangement at each moment and this arrangement varies according to the speed of each planet and its trajectory, the earth and its change of speed.

He continued: “Here is the problem. There was a planetary swelling, which formed according to the positions of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon with the support of Mars, so we noticed it in the four positions of the Moon that we determined. which caused a high voltage value on Earth and there were earthquakes… and after the last earthquake occurred on February 27th, we expect a gradual decrease in the voltage value during the current month, this does not mean that the plate is stable, but the plate will remain under pressure, except that this stress will gradually lessen as the Moon leaves its current position with Earth and Mars in the middle and the Moon begins to rotate leftward to reach alignment and Earth on March 8. Occurs between the Moon and the Sun. 7 or 8 degrees, but 5 or 5. 6 degrees..

Asked about the expectations of a Dutch scientist who pointed to the possibility of several strong seismic events this week, Awad said: “I respect any idea put forward by any scientist because it is based on certain calculations. As for my people. An opinion based on my calculations … I don’t always say earthquake, because the earth sometimes goes through a state of violent tension and the slab goes crazy, but the tensile strength is greater than the amount of response. slab.. I say that the greatest stress will be on the day March 8th, if the slab response is high to that stress, yes, an earthquake will occur, but if the response is lower, no earthquake will occur.

Awad added in an interview with “Euronius” that nobody can predict what the 100 percent response will be like, but there is a high probability that the council will respond and an earthquake will occur. And that the earthquake is expected to be less damaging than the one that hit Turkey and Syria, contrary to the expectations of the Hugerpets.

Anatolian slab at the center of a new earthquake

When asked which areas are expected to be most affected and whether they are the same areas affected by the devastating earthquake, Awad replied, “Yes, it is most likely the Anatolian Plate, specifically the Anatolian Belt. East and the areas lying on this seismic line, which have recently witnessed many tremors”, including the cities of Kahramanmaras, Gaziantep and Malatia.

And the University of Baghdad geologist said he doesn’t expect residents of neighboring countries to feel the earthquake if it’s less than 7 on the Richter scale, but if the earthquake is strong, these areas will definitely be. injured.

We say what we know with laws and numbers

We also asked a professor of earth sciences and geochemistry about citizens who are afraid that these prophecies will be believed and what advice he can give them, he replied: “We hope that these prophecies are not believed, but from a science point of view … that we know.” With laws and numbers… All countries have control centers and special disaster management teams… If these countries take our expectations seriously, they can alert citizens.

He continued, “I say my scientific opinion, if they take this period and want to alert people, then if an earthquake occurs, it will be beneficial, and if it doesn’t, there won’t be much damage. , so that we can eliminate these serious and catastrophic threats.”

It may not happen, but there is a doubt.

And his position in case March 8 passes peacefully and there is no earthquake, he said: “I didn’t say that an earthquake will definitely happen, and don’t tell me what I didn’t say and not my theory. I do not recognize. I say that the gravitational force is the cause of earthquakes, and we determine the gravitational force through the known laws of astrophysics, and we ourselves do not know anything, and this gravitational force increases or decreases, so if it exceeds the normal limit and the limit in that the panels are balanced, we say that there is a state of danger, it remains… that nobody knows the value of the response of the panel at one hundred percent, because we do not know the weight of the slab and the weight of the mountains, the mass of the slab and the duration of its attachment to the earth’s mantle (crust), these are the elements that affect the movement of the slab, but our experience and degree of stability. According to the slab and the seismic scenario, we connected these elements in high voltage and concluded that there is a high probability of an earthquake, and I confirm that it may not occur, but I confirm that there is a doubt.

I’m a scientist not an astrologer

Of the accusations made against them, describing them as astrologers, Awad said: “This talk is nonsense. Science is evolving and many theories have died and been discarded and new theories have taken their place. There are old theories of many scientists who walk on it. They are fifty, sixty years old. And for a hundred years, and then they threw it away. They said that the earth is flat and that the earth is a big disk that floats on the surface of the water. and they worked on it. For centuries, in ancient times, it was said that the earth is carried by a giant whale, so it moves. the questions and there’s a lot of assumptions in them, what is the motion of the plates and they interpret that about internal forces and yet they can’t predict earthquakes and explain earthquakes. What is this theory? This is not a theory, not even a hypothesis in my opinion is not good. I’m not an astrologer, I’m an academic researcher, an Iraqi scientist, I have 120 papers and my research is known all over the world. Don’t give anything that violates the law.”

And Hogrebites said in an earlier tweet on Twitter that “Convergence of critical planetary geometry on March 2-5 could lead to significant seismic activity and possibly even a major earthquake on March 3-4 or 6. March 7 could hit 8 on the Richter scale.

Hogrbitz previously revealed that it based its analysis and predictions on previous research by Iraqi scientist Saleh Awadi, as he claimed.

Awad previously noted that before the devastating earthquake, there was a slowdown in the planet’s rotation rate due to pressure from extraterrestrial forces, which caused the plates to shift in Turkey and this disaster occurred.

The earthquake, considered the worst disaster in modern Turkish history, killed more than 45,000 people in Turkey and more than 5,000 in neighboring Syria.

Source: EuroNews

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