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Post: Collective bargaining without a deal on the railroad


There may also be a strike on the railways. No agreement was reached in the current wage negotiations. There is a huge risk of strikes at the end of March.

The rail and transport union (EVG) rejects Deutsche Bahn’s tariff offer and signals its readiness to strike. EVG negotiator Kristian Loroch said on Wednesday Deutsche Bahn’s offer Tuesday evening was unacceptable and not a basis for further negotiations.

Deutsche Bahn deliberately failed to calm the smoldering conflict.

Kristian Loroch, chief negotiator of the EVG rail association

Instead, provoke them with unacceptable suggestions.
“With this inappropriate behavior, Deutsche Bahn is helping to make warning strikes inevitable.” However, EVG Vice President Cosima Ingenschay added that EVG will not make a decision on this matter until 23 March at the earliest.

Deutsche Bahn likes what you have to offer

The train should be ready by the next round of talks on 24/25. Submit a negotiable offer in April. EVG charges twelve percent more, but at least 650 euros more per month. For most Deutsche Bahn employees, this represents a greater than 12 percent increase required over a 12-month period.

Bahn personnel specialist Martin Seiler announced that the state-owned company has taken a big step towards EVG with its proposal. Therefore, DB employees’ wages must increase by a total of five percent in two steps: another three percent from December 1, 2023, and another two percent from August 1, 2024. According to the proposal, employees will receive an inflation compensation bonus of EUR 2,500 as a social component to reduce the rising cost of living.

Warning strikes are threatened if the next round fails

According to EVG, it’s negotiating around 180,000 DB employees. The next round of collective bargaining is not scheduled to take place until April. But by 23 March, there were more talks with smaller rail companies with a total of 50,000 employees. The same requirements apply to them.

If these talks fail, union circles say that a total traffic strike could be held on March 27. Local, long-distance and freight traffic is paralyzed nationwide. The Verdi service union can also join the strike at urban transport and airports.

Source: ZDF

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