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Post: Pension boss very optimistic for 2023


Gundula Roßbach, President of the German Pension Insurance Association, talks about a “very good” cash situation. He expects increased payouts and stable contributions.

Pension insurance is satisfied with its finances and expects pensions to increase and contributions to remain stable over the next few years. “The cash situation looks very good,” said Gundula Roßbach, President of the “Bild am Sonntag” German Pension Insurance Association.

According to projections, contributions to the pension insurance system will remain constant until 2026.

Gundula Rossbach, President of the German Pension Insurance Association

In addition, previous wage adjustments “give a glimpse of what senior citizens can expect to receive a retirement supplement in the years to come.”

Rossbach expects a “proper” service

Pensions are linked to wage developments. That’s why there should have been a mathematical pension reduction in 2021 – but this is legally impossible, so pensions remained stable.

The increase in 2022 was accordingly less than the actual calculation required. Rossbach told “BamS” last year that inflation was not offset by pension adjustments.

But if you look at the last years as a whole, there has been a good increase in pensions above the price increases.

Gundula Rossbach, President of the German Pension Insurance Association

The surcharge will be “probably appropriate” this year as well. According to autumn forecasts, it may be 3.5 percent higher in the west and 4.2 percent in the east. In 2022, there was an increase of 5.35 percent in the west and 6.12 percent in the east. The official retirement arrangement on 1 July will be decided shortly. This happens every spring.

Pension insurance 2022, 3.4 billion euros surplus

“Despite the crisis climate, things are going well in the job market,” Rossbach said. “For the pension fund, this means: Revenue is increasing, even last year there was a surplus of 3.4 billion euros – we did not expect this. This is very good news for pensioners.”

Regarding the development of contributions, the head of the authorities said that an increase will be possible after 2026 – “it also depends on how the pension package that politicians want to launch this year will look”.

Source: ZDF

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