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Post: Musk vs. Bezos – space race


Both have developed reusable rockets, both have similar plans to provide the world with satellite-based Internet and similar visions for the future of humanity in space. Is profit their only motivation or is there more than that?

prophets in their own country

In 2001, Elon Musk tried to purchase a decommissioned Russian missile in Moscow. She is laughing at him. Undaunted, he establishes the SpaceX company and invests half of his already considerable fortune in the development of his own rocket.

Around the same time, Jeff Bezos founded the company Blue Origin with the initially secret goal of developing reusable rockets.

Both tech billionaires were initially greeted with ridicule and disbelief. But today, Blue Origin and SpaceX are in a position to start a new space age. Its technological advances take the colonization of alien planets into a realm imaginable.

Re-evaluation of all values

What opportunities do private actors have in space? Can new space companies even compete with established space agencies? So how are the US, Europe, Russia and China responding to private space companies?

The documentary traces the path of two billionaires from the beginning to the present. How did they become the richest men in the world? How has public competition developed? How do they achieve their goal of conquering space? Through interviews with ex-employees, industry experts, and journalists, the film shows why space travel has become an all-encompassing obsession for Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk and how they have made their dreams come true.

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