After the bombing of Zaporizhia. Atomic Energy Agency: The condition of the nuclear power plant is dangerous

Russia bombed residential buildings in Ukraine on Wednesday and blanketed cities with drones overnight in a show of force as Russian President Vladimir Putin bid farewell to his “dear friend” and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Firefighters battled a blaze in two neighboring buildings in Zaporozhye, where authorities said at least one person was killed and 33 wounded in a Russian missile strike.


Blinken considers the rapprochement between China and Russia a “marriage of convenience”.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Wednesday likened the Russia-China rapprochement to a “marriage of convenience” and stressed that Beijing has yet to supply Moscow with lethal weapons to support Russian forces in their invasion of Ukraine..

During a hearing before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Blinken said: “Since they have a worldview so different from ours, they married of convenience. I’m not sure it was by faith.”“.

He added that “it is obvious that Russia is a weak partner in these relations”.“.

And the US secretary continued: “I’m not sure that Russia or its president, Vladimir Putin, want world order, they want global chaos.”


IAEA: The situation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant remains “dangerous”.

The director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, warned on Wednesday that the situation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine remained “suspicious” after a Russian missile strike severed a power line..

Grossi said in a statement that the “last power line” for emergency use has been “cut and under repair” since March 1..

This line ensures the connection of the station to the electrical grid in the event of a cut in the power transmission line that feeds it..

Electricity is an essential component of the safety and security of nuclear power plants, especially as it provides cooling for nuclear reactors..

In his statement, Grossi said that the station receives power from an external 750 kilovolt main line for three weeks and that “any damage (to this line) would result in a complete interruption of external power”. Station.”“.

The Director-General emphasized that “nuclear safety inside (the plant) is still in a precarious state”.“.

“Once again, I call on all parties to commit to ensuring the plant’s nuclear safety and protecting its safety,” he added.“.

Watch: the moment a Russian missile hit a huge building in Zaporozhye

euronewsAnd Ukrainian media published images showing charred apartments, some of them escaping the fire.

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