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Post: UN accuses Ukraine and Russia of ‘unfair’ execution of prisoners of war


The United Nations (UN) on Friday accused Ukrainian and Russian forces of extrajudicially executing dozens of prisoners of war during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The head of the UN human rights monitoring mission in Ukraine, Matilda Bogner, expressed her “deep concern” over the execution of “25 Russian prisoners of war” by the Ukrainian armed forces, as well as “the execution of 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war . . “For the Russians.

Bogner confirmed that the United Nations documented these executions of Russians, which Ukrainian forces carried out “often … immediately after their capture on the battlefield”.

He added that the United Nations is aware of five investigations carried out by Kiev relating to the 22 victims, but “we have not been informed about the prosecution of the perpetrators of these crimes”.

As for the execution of 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war “shortly after their arrest” by the Russian armed forces, according to the official, 11 of these operations were carried out by the Russian armed group Wagner.


Russian opposition group Pussy Riot will soon be honored in the United States

Next May, Russian feminist opposition group Pussy Riot will receive an honorary award in recognition of the song’s spirit of resistance, particularly against Russia’s war in Ukraine, organizers said on Thursday.

On May 6, the group will receive the “Woody Guthrie” award, in honor of the American folk singer and author (1912-1967), classified as a leftist artist and at times socialist, revolutionary or even. An anarchist who stood up for the poor and oppressed.

Recent winners of this award include singers Bruce Springsteen, Joan Baez and Pete Seeger.


The United States targets terrorism against a Russian who tried to infiltrate the International Criminal Court.

A Russian national who tried to infiltrate the International Criminal Court last summer has been charged with espionage in the United States after allegedly living under a false identity for two years.

A statement from the federal attorney general in Washington states that Sergey Cherkasov (37 years old) “was a Russian special service agent with a Brazilian identity under the name of Victor Mueller Ferreira”.

He started working under that name in Brazil in 2010, creating his own identity that speaks of family and imaginary friends.

Five years later, he applied under that name to a university in Washington, DC and, after being accepted, entered the United States on a student visa in 2018.

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Source: EuroNews

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