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Post: Legend of the Celts: Decline and Legacy


The Romans and Germans put many Celtic tribes on the defensive. They settle and build fortified settlements. However, many scientific findings now show that these castles also point to the decline of the Celtic people.

Archaeologists are studying the last part of the La Tène period, from 200 BC, when the Celtic way of life changed drastically.

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The findings show how Celtic carpentry developed and new techniques made it possible to build large castles and sheltered settlements. Open villages were destroyed, fortified settlements and fortifications were built to protect against Roman and German aggressors. The trade that once made them rich and famous comes to a standstill. The Celts shut themselves down. But defenses cannot stop powerful enemies.

The Romans under Julius Caesar broke Celtic resistance across northern Italy, Gaul, and the Danube. A long period of Romanization begins. In most parts of mainland Europe, Celtic culture is suppressing and withering. The Celts could only survive for some time as independent tribes in the British Isles.

The Celts are among the oldest inhabitants of Europe and have remained a mystery to this day. The three-part documentary series follows the traces of these tribes that shaped our continent.

Source: ZDF

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