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Post: Legend of the Celts: the rise of the salt traders


Massive trade networks, monumental buildings, mysterious burial mounds: from the Iberian Peninsula to the British Isles in the north and Romania, the Celts have left their mark all over Europe. But where did they come from?

The Celts ruled Central Europe for about 800 years and spread their knowledge, beliefs and culture throughout the continent. Later, Roman scholars portrayed them as bloodthirsty barbarians. However, archaeologists are finding traces of a complex and sophisticated society that began in a small village called Hallstatt, in what is now Austria.

The True History of the Celts

Leading experts study and decipher the most important Celtic archaeological sites: the Hallstatt and Dürrnberg salt mines, the mysterious Býčí Skála cave and a possible location of the legendary Pyrenean city. You’ll discover weapons and chariots, but also pieces of art and jewelry that dispel the image of the Celts meant solely for brutal warfare.

The finds provide an increasingly accurate picture of Celtic society, religion, and funerary rituals. A large artificial hill in Germany offers research teams, perhaps the biggest surprise, a hippodrome. And only archaeological finds can help tell the true story of the Celts. Because they did not leave a writing to future generations.

The Celts are among the oldest inhabitants of Europe and have remained a mystery to this day. The three-part documentary series follows the traces of these tribes that shaped our continent.

Source: ZDF

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