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Considering the corona pandemic, the 2021 tax return again has some special features. The most important questions and answers at a glance.

Even in the second Corona year, some things were different from normal, this also applies to tax returns. But the effort may be worth it: refunds are possible for many taxpayers. As a rule, the tax office reimburses about 1,000 euros.

What should you pay attention to due to Corona?

Not only a separate work, but also the kitchen table is taken into account: the tax office considers five euros per day in the home office as income-related expenses, up to a maximum of 600 euros per year. However, less transportation costs may be requested as you work outside the office.

Also, more people have to file tax returns: for example, anyone who receives a short-time work allowance or other wage variation of more than 410 euros must file them.

Unlike usual, it may be beneficial for couples to close their accounts separately, for example, if one of the spouses receives severance pay or a wage change such as short-time work allowance. Corona child bonus will be collected. For higher income families, this reduces the tax benefit from the child allowance.

What is tax deductible?

In principle, there are four groups of tax-related expenses:

  • advertising expenses commuting allowance is all work-related expenses, including reference books or work computers. The state allows each employee to claim a flat rate of 1,000 euros per year as income-related expenses. This means that the tax office automatically takes into account, without any proof, an employee lump sum of 1,000 euros for income-related expenses. For 2022, the allowance has been increased to 1,200 euros due to rising prices caused by the Ukrainian war.

A work-related move may also be considered. They can calculate 870 Euros for moves completed by employees between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022. For each additional person carried with you, for example spouse and children, EUR 580 is taken into account.

  • special editions – for example old age benefit, donations or church tax and childcare.
  • extraordinary costssuch as sickness or divorce costs.
  • Also, there is one Tax bonus for spending on trades or household help.

What are the allowances for 2021?

between Basic allowance for singles Included for 2021 9,744 Euros (previously 9,408 euro). In the case of spouses, it is accordingly twice as high. single parent will also get a special one for 2021 allowance of 4,008 euros (previously €1.908) for wages and income tax.

Which documents for tax return important?

Employees automatically receive important data for their tax return in the form of a certificate from their employer – this, for example, shows wages, taxes paid and social security contributions. They must be entered on the tax return. For other information, tax evidence must have arrived in the mail within the last few weeks – from banks or insurance companies, for example.

But meanwhile, there is no longer any need to send receipts for expenses or donations. It is sufficient to keep them and submit them to the tax office if requested.

can i have mine tax return do it alone?

Forms can be filled in manually or electronically. For this, the electronic tax office “Mein Elster” is available, the declaration can be made directly in the browser. No tax saving tips out there. They provide computer programs available for purchase – all rated “good” or “very good” from “Finanztest”. This is why smartphone apps reach their limits when it comes to more complex calculations.

Taxpayers can also join an income tax charity or go to a tax advisor. Income tax charities specialize in employees and retirees, while tax advisers tend to focus on the self-employed and companies.

How long does it have to tax return will it be given?

Anyone filing a tax return for 2021 must do so by August 1, 2022. Anyone holding a tax advisor or fee tax office can wait until the end of February 2023 to file the tax. Anyone who voluntarily declares can submit it retroactively for up to four years – effective December 31, 2025 for the 2021 tax year.

Source: ZDF

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