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Post: Too much radiation? Apple is adapting the iPhone 12


Apple wants to reduce radiation levels of iPhone 12 devices in France with a software update. Officials have previously threatened a nationwide recall.

Following the threat of a recall of the iPhone 12 in France, Apple will adapt the device’s software to the country. The group also emphasized that exceeding limit values ​​for electromagnetic radiation set by a supervisory authority was due to the “specific testing protocol”.

Apple said the update was intended to take into account the testing method and was not due to security concerns. It is internationally accepted that the iPhone 12 meets all limit values.

France: iPhone 12’s radiation is too high in direct physical contact

French authority Agence Nationale des Frequences (ANFR) on Tuesday ordered the removal of devices belonging to the three-year-old model from sales channels. It was stated that if Apple does not correct the values ​​”as quickly as possible” with an update, devices in circulation in France will also have to be recalled.

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During their study, ANFR had 141 phones examined in the laboratory to determine how much electromagnetic radiation the body absorbs. With the iPhone 12, it was determined that the limit of direct physical contact, for example in the hand or in the pocket, was exceeded. The maximum allowed was 5.74 watts per kilogram instead of 4 watts per kilogram.

Federal Network Agency: No evidence of “immediate danger”

However, ANFR wrote that the iPhone 12 complies with the two watts per kilogram limit for radiation levels at a distance of five millimeters from the body. For example, it applies to cases where the smartphone is carried in a jacket or bag.

In Germany, the Federal Network Agency is responsible for these problems. A spokesman for the Bonn authority said the procedure in France had a guiding function for Europe as a whole. They are in contact with French authorities for a pan-European solution and are also in contact with Apple. A spokesman for the German regulator said:

The Federal Network Agency currently has no information that the device poses an immediate danger.

Spokesperson of the Federal Network Agency

Source: ZDF

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