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Post: Missing! Mareike case


When 20-year-old Mareike G. did not show up for work, her colleagues reported her missing. However, a search of his apartment reveals no evidence of a violent crime. The investigation leads nowhere. Are Mareike’s friends and acquaintances hiding something?

Profiler at work

The disappearance of the young woman without a trace increases the mysteries. Did Mareike leave her old life behind of her own free will? Or was he the victim of a crime?

Some time later, the case made national headlines when two of Mareike’s acquaintances committed suicide and two others attempted suicide. Profilers are hired who actually find new leads.

Profiler Axel Petermann and psychologist Katinka Keckeis reconstruct the spectacular criminal case. You visit Mareike’s place of residence and meet researchers, local reporters and experts.

What makes one person a perpetrator and another a victim? The documentary series tells parallel stories of perpetrators and victims in important criminal cases in German history.

Source: ZDF

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