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Post: How sustainable are our bananas?


Green seals promise sustainably and fairly produced bananas for peace of mind. Research shows: Certificates are suspicious.

Fresh bananas from Latin America are right in front of the supermarket display. It has stickers promising a better product for people and nature. Like the green frog – Rainforest Alliance seal. Among other things, it promises less pesticide use and good working conditions.

However, research conducted by ZDF format “Die Spur” in Ecuador and Costa Rica shows that the seal often does not keep its promise. Standards are low, controls are lax. They can easily undermine certified fields.

Illegal aerial use of pesticides

Workers on many banana plantations, including farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance, report unprotected contact with toxic pesticides. They recorded videos showing them being sprayed with pesticides from planes while they were working.

The farm where worker Erick Lara works in Costa Rica has Rainforest Alliance certification: “Sometimes they notify the workers before the plane arrives. But sometimes it flies over you while you are working and rains on you.”

Trade unionist: “Rainforests are coming only so that companies can make sales”

“It is unacceptable for a worker to be showered with pesticides,” says worker Miguel Jimenez. It is part of the Costa Rican union SITRAP. “But they don’t care, they just keep going.” Miguel Jimenez’s farm is also certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

I believe Rainforest comes and issues the certificate just so companies can sell.

Miguel Jimenez, plantation worker in Costa Rica

Jimenez’s company disputes these statements. Videos of the flights are unknown.

Source: ZDF

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