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Post: Treasures of the Roman Empire: Hadrian’s Wall


The wall, 117 kilometers long and over four meters high, served as a bulwark for the Romans against the local Celts. It is possible to find traces of the Romans not only on Hadrian’s Wall, but all over Northern Europe.

As at Kalkriese, the scene of the Romans’ devastating defeat against the Cherusci prince Arminius in AD 9. Or along the Limes frontier fortifications in Germany, where the Romans retreated after the war against Arminius. Archaeologists are even discovering the remains of a Roman thermal bath at Carlisle in the north of England. Finds from various excavation sites show completely new aspects of life on the northern frontier of the Roman Empire.

Information about the life of the Romans

In their search for evidence of the ancient Romans, researchers encounter findings that shed light on the lives of elites, middle and lower classes, and slaves. With “Treasures of the Roman Empire”, archaeological sites turn into real treasures that need to be unearthed.

Source: ZDF

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