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Post: Treasures of the Roman Empire: Colosseum


The Colosseum has become the symbol of Rome. But why? Were the ostentatious buildings really just for public entertainment? The search for answers begins in the catacombs of the ancient building and the ruins of the adjacent gladiator school.

Amphitheatre from earlier times

An ancient amphitheatre surpasses all others: the Colosseum is a testament to Roman engineering. The search for clues begins in Rome but does not end there: Other excavation teams are looking for clues in countless smaller versions of the largest of the amphitheatres.

They come across an arena in Tuscany that has been lost for almost 1,500 years. There are also ruins of a small amphitheater under an inconspicuous hill at Richborough on the south coast of England. As teams uncover rediscovered amphitheatres, they get closer and closer to the true purpose of Rome’s legendary Colosseum.

In their search for evidence of the ancient Romans, researchers encounter findings that shed light on the lives of elites, middle and lower classes, and slaves. With “Treasures of the Roman Empire”, archaeological sites turn into real treasures that need to be unearthed.

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