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Post: Treasures of the Roman Empire: Pompeii


Streets and buildings will be preserved forever. Fascinating discoveries are always made in Pompeii. Excavations provide new insights into life and death in the Roman Empire. International excavation teams are looking for clues here.

In the footsteps of the Romans

In addition to the magnificent villas of the ancient Romans, residential buildings, slave quarters and baths have also been preserved. They offer a comprehensive perspective on people’s daily lives. International excavation teams are delving deeper into various aspects of urban life. How did the earliest public thermal baths at Pompeii work? What’s wrong with an unearthed ox skull? Was it part of an animal sacrifice? At the gates of the city, a recently discovered magnificent tomb and the mummified corpse inside tell the fascinating life story of a freed slave who became an important citizen of Pompeii.

In their search for evidence of the ancient Romans, researchers encounter findings that shed light on the lives of elites, middle and lower classes, and slaves. With “Treasures of the Roman Empire”, archaeological sites turn into real treasures that need to be unearthed.

Source: ZDF

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