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Post: Famous and Notorious: Susan Smith


After the mother is increasingly dragged into contradictions, researchers reveal the terrible truth. Susan Smith sank the car into the lake with her two sons. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for her cruel act.

Susan Smith is serving her sentence at a women’s prison in South Carolina. She tries to gain an advantage by seducing several law enforcement officers there. When the events come to light, the officers themselves become defendants.

Contemporary witnesses, former guards and court officials attempt to determine Susan Smith’s intentions and paint a disturbing portrait of a young woman who seemingly never got over her father’s suicide and her stepfather’s abuse.

Spectacular criminal cases

Sex, murder and scandals; This ten-episode series covers some of the most remarkable crimes of the last few decades. Criminal cases filled with tragedy, cruelty and endless suffering.

Whether it’s sports stars, serial killers or sex with minors, this series delves into the deepest depths of criminal history. Contemporary witnesses, experts and those affected describe the cases from their own perspective and clarify many unresolved questions.

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