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Post: Famous and Famous: Gary Ridgway


Gary Ridgway looks like the nice guy next door. But there is a serial killer behind the surface. His victims: prostitutes and runaways. His tactic: He drives them to remote areas in his truck and strangles them after sex.

He dumps the bodies near the Green River. Gary Ridgway will be able to avoid prosecution for 20 years. Investigators have tracked him down several times, but there is a lack of solid evidence. The “Green River Killer” remained a ghost.

In 2001, the time had finally come. Using modern DNA technology, investigators manage to convict Gary Ridgway. To avoid the death penalty, he cooperates with the police and leads them to more funerals. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2003 for 48 murders. However, the actual number of its victims remains unclear.

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