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Post: Lege unpacks: holiday mood in the supermarket


Slush Ice is a colorful refreshment with lots of sugar and ominous colours. The industry offers creme brulée with a mysterious caramel crust. The food industry also uses its own tricks when it comes to Turkish lahmacun and stuffed vine leaves.

Sun, beach and good food: Vacation is considered the best time of the year. The food industry is taking advantage of this and creating products aimed at bringing the holiday spirit into the home.

From France to Greece

Crème brulée is a popular French dessert. The dessert has now arrived at our supermarket. In terms of taste, industrial crème brulée is definitely close to the homemade original. But the caramel crust is completely different from the original recipe.

With traditional crème brulée, sugar and a flaming torch are enough to create the dessert’s signature caramel crust. In the industrial version, a sinister powder turns into a caramelized crust. Sebastian Lege recreates industrial crème brulée and reveals what’s really behind the powdered ingredients.

Lahmacun is a popular Turkish dish. Pizza has now entered freezers in Germany. Manufacturers advertise plenty of meat and a colorful mix of fresh ingredients on their packaging. Sebastian Lege shows that the industry really makes big savings from good ingredients.

Made from sugar and questionable colors – watery ice cream

Especially in hot countries, ice cream machines spin tirelessly to offer holidaymakers a refreshing drink: slushy ice cream. It is sold in bright colors and different flavors. Children especially are magically attracted to water ice cream. Product developer Sebastian Lege unveils the innocuous-looking trendy drink. Because there is a lot of sugar and questionable colorants in the glasses.

Stuffed vine leaves is one of the most loved delicacies by holidaymakers in Greece. They can now be found in every supermarket around the corner. How come so-called fresh ingredients last forever? A case for Sebastian Lege. He recreates industrially produced grape leaves and reveals the secret of their durability.

Sebastian Lege unpacks! It reveals the ins and outs of four popular holiday products.

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