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Post: Lege unpacks: 80s classics


Product developer explains why processed cheese slices last forever, even when not refrigerated. He shows us the trick behind the cheap dessert Nappo and why eggnog is a real calorie bomb. He also recreates his favorite ice cream from the 80s.

Looking back, the 80s were a decade where everything still seemed colorful and easy. Clothes, music, plastic plates: At the time, few people were thinking about environmental issues or sustainability. Some of these products have survived to this day. Sebastian Lege explains the tricks behind it.

Processed cheese, nougat and eggnog

Processed cheese slices were a must for every cheese plate. These products, individually wrapped in gold leaf, still adorn hotel breakfast buffets today. Small triangles perform the miracle of remaining in a constantly creamy state between solid and liquid. And without refrigeration they last almost forever. How could it be?

Dutch nougat covered in chocolate – in short: Nappo. A sweet childhood memory that will make your teeth stick together. What is white nougat made of and how is it different from traditional nougat? Nappo is extremely cheap: a diamond costs around five cents. Sebastian Lege reveals the manufacturer’s number.

An excitement that continues to this day

Eggnog was the cult drink of the eighties. This excitement continues today. Eggs and alcohol form the basis; The manufacturers do not disclose the remaining ingredients. With a full 14 percent alcohol content, eggnog falls into the spirits category, eliminating the need for an ingredients list. Coincidence or cold calculation? Sebastian Lege explains what the liquid calorie bomb is all about and makes the eggnog himself.

Ed von Schleck’s Langnese ice cream with plastic sticks has not been available for almost 20 years. Sebastian Lege still dares to recreate it: Were everything really better before? Or is it just memories and emotions that turn the ice into a distorted experience?

Sebastian Lege unpacks! The product developer recreates four classics from the ’80s with tracksuit and disco beats and reveals the secrets of the food industry, then and now.

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