Post: #WTF – Deportation of the black box

By June 2023, approximately 280,000 people in Germany must leave the country. Debates about deportation are shaped by emotions, ethics, accusations and political agendas. It seems like a black box with opaque rules and arbitrary processes.

Nearly all political parties seem to agree on one thing in particular: the continued deportation of criminals and dangerous people is necessary to stop crime and restore security.

Should integrated persons be deported?

But there are other highly controversial cases: People who have lived and worked in Germany for many years and made their home here are threatened every day with deportation against their will and at high costs. What’s going wrong?

ZDFinfo documentary “#WTF – Blackbox Deportation” delves into the dark world of deportations, examines the fragmented system of responsibilities, and illuminates the effects of a toxic debate. Is the rule of law reaching its limits when it comes to deportations?

“#WTF” – “What is Real” – means putting your finger on the wounds. A ZDFinfo format full of detailed charts and surprising facts that gets to the bottom of connections and questions the obvious.

Source: ZDF

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