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Post: Lebanese artist Georges Al-Rassi died in a car accident at age 39.


Lebanese artist George Al-Rassi died Saturday morning in a car accident in the Bekaa region of eastern Lebanon on the Syrian border, according to media reports, which also reported the death of a woman traveling with him. in the car.

Lebanon’s official National News Agency said al-Rassi, 39, “died after his car crashed into an intermediate barrier at Masnaa, a point separating the Lebanese and Syrian borders, as he was coming from the border with Syria. “

Lebanon’s Civil Defense tweeted about the accident, without identifying the two victims, saying its members used “hydraulic rescue equipment” because “the structure of the vehicle was severely damaged”. force of chance”. The two bodies were taken to hospital in the nearby town of Taanayeli.

Images posted by Lebanese websites show a black car badly damaged after colliding with a concrete wall.

The young singer has had several albums since its release in the mid-90s of the last century and many songs in different dialects, mainly Lebanese and Egyptian, some of which are widely distributed in Arab countries.

Al-Rasi has attracted the attention of the public and music critics, mainly due to the similarity of his voice to the tone of the famous Syrian singer George Wassouf.

Al-Ras, who hails from northern Lebanon, has spent his career collaborating with notable names in musical composition and Arabic lyric poetry over the past two decades. His name has also been discussed in the fictional Arab press in the midst of his personal life, including the ups and downs of his divorce or his relationship with his sister, Lebanese actress Nadine Al Rasi.

The news of his death caused a wave of pain on social media, as many users expressed their grief at the young singer’s untimely death.

Source: EuroNews

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