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Sharjah Museum of Museums to open an interactive archaeological hall


Sharjah (Union)
The Sharjah Museum Authority has opened the first interactive archeology model room at the Sharjah Museum of Archeology, and the first of its kind at the state level, which aims to feature children aged between 4 and 12. Sharjah Antiques in an interactive way, through models, techniques and sets of activities.

Technologies and educational models
Through the techniques and models provided by the room, the authority aims to develop the child’s senses and stimulate their imagination to test their skills and use them to understand the Sharjah archaeologists’ most famous discoveries about the nature of human life. stone. Age until the first centuries before Christ and its relationship with the environment that surrounds it.
The activities of the room focus on the relationship of the old man from Sharjah with domestic animals and rescues and the ways in which they use natural resources, such as minerals, in the production of their tools, such as weapons and hunting tools, to make money.

Innovative ways of learning.
Manal Athaya, Director General of the Sharjah Museum Authority, said: “Emirati archeology in particular is an exciting subject that piques children’s curiosity and encourages them to discover and question. Through our new interactive room that gives them a space to play and learn. He added: “Additionally, at Sharjah Museum Service, we continue to offer new and innovative ways for children to learn and be inspired throughout the year through a range of interactive activities and programs, such as solving puzzles and putting the pieces together. to tell stories. about ourselves. the past “.

motivation for kids
The room encourages children to use their intellectual and practical energies to perform and benefit from the activities, displaying a life-size camel model so the ‘little ones’ can learn about the capabilities of this animal knitted by a man from Sharjah. Its relationship with more than three thousand years ago and you can also learn about the camel’s ability to cross the sands of the Arabian Peninsula and the transfer of the most important and popular goods and commodities of the time, such as the trade in incense, spices and aromatic products. . centers in Muwailih and Maliha, as well as using their oil to make tents and rugs.
The room takes children to a shady corner to simulate the shapes of animals that lived in Sharjah in the past with their hands on a wide area of ​​the room’s walls. The tactile activity allows the child to touch the fur and fur of some animals and try to guess the name of the animal and discover the environment in which it lived.

Al-Taiba’s House
In the center of the room is a miniature model of Al Tuqaiba’s grand house, which was discovered in the Al Madam district in the heart of the Emirate of Sharjah. It is a house built of clay and dates from almost three times. for a thousand years and represents the adaptation of the people of Sharjah to the arid environmental conditions of the time and their transformation into stable farming and living practices in the fertile valleys and plains. .
The screens in the room also present visual presentations for their guests, children, to tell them about copper mining in Sharjah five thousand years ago and how man was able to use it to make weapons and hunting tools and to mint. their local currency in later centuries.

Good trip
The salon’s audience will learn about the importance of coins in the transformation of Sharjah’s ancient economy from barter to the use of coins and their role in establishing a new phase in the global economy, which witnessed the art and animal vocation through prints. . The image of a horse on the local currency of Mleiha indicates the great importance of this animal to the Arabs.
The room also takes kids on a delightful journey to the crossover image corner, which consists of a large panel that includes images of various wild and domestic animals. Archeology and study to create a clear picture. During a certain period of the nature of human life.

inspiration to draw
The drawing corner frees the child’s imagination, allowing them to be inspired by the drawings that the people of Sharjah left on the rocks more than three thousand years ago, taking with them messages and stories that they tried to convey to travelers, passers-by. or even shepherds about the types of animals that lived in or near the Khatam Milaha Kalba area.

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Source: Al Ittihad


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