Opinion“Symphony for Peru”, a project by world-renowned orchestral singer...

“Symphony for Peru”, a project by world-renowned orchestral singer Flores for vulnerable children in Peru.


A unique social project in Peru is changing the lives of socially disadvantaged children by teaching them to play musical instruments and sing.

Behind this project, called “Symphony for Peru” or “Symphony for Peru”, the singer of the world famous orchestra Juan Diego Flores.

The idea for this project came to Flores when he visited Venezuela in 2009 to perform with director Gustavo de Damil.

There, he was informed about the “System” project, which was a program designed to help children and keep them out of the world of crime and drugs.

In his native Peru, Flores founded several music schools across the country to teach music to children for free.

They can also learn to play instruments and sing in a choir, while the best elements are selected by the “youth orchestra” that performs with Flores himself.

Most of the musicians that make up the “Young Orchestra” today are graduates of the music education program “Symphony for Peru” and in honor of its excellence, they benefited from a trip from the capital Lima to Salzburg, Austria. Playing with Tenor Flores.

One of the prominent members of the youth orchestra is Gabriel Vera Correa, who lives in Lima. Life hasn’t been easy for this 15-year-old, but music has given him a purpose, as his mother Nellie Mercedes Vera Correa explains.

“He was bullied at school because he was overweight,” she says. “The children threw their bags in the trash. Music helped her to put aside her fears and become more confident.”

Gabriel plays with the Orquestra Juvenil Sinfonia Porte de Peru and tells how he discovered his love for music. “I’ve always loved music and I’ve always been interested in learning, whether it’s learning to play an instrument or singing… My favorite moment is when I’m with Sinfonia because it makes me happy,” he says.

The president of Sinfonia Port Perú, Juan Diego Flores, explains the vision he had when starting this project: “When I decided to found Sinfonia Port Perú, I had a dream… they felt safe. . , where they can develop and learn and acquire values.

Seeing the impact of her initiative on the lives of countless children has changed her perception of what music is and what it can achieve.

“Before I realized that music can change society, music for me was going up on stage and singing and everyone was clapping for me, which is great. But now I see music as a way to change the world, as a way to improve society. world,” says Flores.

Thousands of children from all over Peru rehearse regularly for several hours at the many music schools called Nucleo, founded by the Sinfonía program.

Luis Castillo is coordinator of Núcleo Escolas and music teacher at Porto Sinfonia, Peru. According to him, the effect of the Symphony on children was wonderful. “It affects their entire behavior and development, not just musically, but inclusively. family and society”.

A recent study showed that the program increased creativity and self-confidence among children, as Flores explains: “The study had surprising results… child labor was reduced by up to 90%. Because in the background, the children played music together. His parents were also less. He was violent with them, but the conclusion that surprised me the most was that they wanted to continue studying music at university.

“Nothing is impossible”

Juan Diego Flores’ dream when he started this project was to help underprivileged boys and girls in Peru, and now that dream has come true.

In honor of the “Young Symphony Orchestra”, Flores organized a concert tour of Europe for the orchestra.

The tour includes a concert at the Salzburg Festival in Austria, one of the most important classical music festivals in the world.

“The Salzburg concert is very important for the orchestra because it will be the first time they travel as a full orchestra,” says Flores. “It is a great pleasure for me to work with the Sinfonia children and the young orchestra. With them and the rehearsals for our tour that we’re doing in Europe, especially the Salzburg Festival, it’s really amazing.”

“I’m happy to be going to Salzburg and excited to be there with people who love what I do,” says violist Gabriel Vera Correa, who is on tour.

Violinist Diego Manrique said: “I am very happy and grateful. This is the dream of every child at Sinfonia Port Peru and we represent all of them”.

For Flores, this tour is an opportunity to give hope to the younger generation to boost their confidence. “When they play in an orchestra they feel important and valued. Imagine what these kids say – after the show ends in Salzburg. – We did it, nothing is impossible.”

Source: EuroNews


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