Opinion“Emirates Copyrights” opens the door to membership

“Emirates Copyrights” opens the door to membership


Sharjah (Union)
The Emirates Copy Rights Management Society held a meeting at the Sharjah Publishing Free Zone on Wednesday night to present its mission to more than 60 writers and publishers as part of its efforts to create a professional licensing mechanism. Documented works and the protection of the rights of their owners and publishers, in support of efforts to stimulate the construction of a knowledge economy, establishing a tradition of protecting the rights of authors and publishers in the UAE.
The meeting witnessed the signing of the association’s subscription, granting its membership to a 10-member list, which included 7 publishers: Al Qassimi Publications, Dar Al-Exclusive for Design and Publication Services, Ashtar Publishing, Noor Publishing, Dar Al-Maktabi. for publication and distribution, Dar Mulhamoon for publication and distribution, Al-Hodhud for publication and distribution and 3 writers: writer Muhammad Al-Habsi, writer Dr. Fatima Al-Darbi and writer Maryam Al-Qasim.
Dr. Al-Yaziah Khalifa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association, noted that the association’s goals and aspirations are aligned with the UAE’s interest and aspiration to protect intellectual property rights and the use of information. legal legislation that guarantees the protection of rights. creators and allows them to benefit from the knowledge, creative or artistic product they are trying to provide to consumers.
In his welcoming speech, he said: “The Emirates Reproduction Rights Management Association is launched with a strategic vision and legislative framework that supports the protection of creative rights, taking into account the general trend to promote and support the growth of industries creative. In line with the knowledge economy, the UAE’s leadership in promoting innovation and ensuring the establishment of mechanisms to reduce piracy or illegal use of various types of work protected by law.
Participants heard about the association’s founding journey through an introductory video from Sheikha Bodur Bint Sultan Al Qasim, President of the International Publishers Association, Honorary President of the Emirates Copyright Management Association. which contained an explanation of the association’s purposes, the advantages derived from its membership, and the privileges enjoyed by owners of authors, writers, and publishers.
For the participants of the introductory meeting, the association organized a dialogue session entitled “Copyright between supporting culture and the development of the creative economy”, moderated by writer Salha Obaid, treasurer of the Copyright Management Association of Authors, and Rashid Al-Kous , CEO. Emirates Publishers Association and Sheikha Al-Mutair, Amin, Secretary of the Emirati Writers Union and Nadia Masood, Director of the University of Sharjah Library.
Speaking at the event, Rashid Al-Khos, Executive Director of the Emirates Publishers Association, praised Sheikh Bodur Al-Qasim’s role in supporting efforts to establish the Emirates Association for Media Rights Management. Author considered the move a role. The UAE model for enabling the Arab region and the world to contribute to organizing and preserving rights through partnership. region.
For her part, writer Sheikha Al-Mutairi, secretary of the Emirates Writers Union, confirmed that the Union’s system includes its responsibility to help protect the intellectual rights of members and that this principle is in line with the efforts that the Emirates Reproduction Rights Association Is doing. trying to do it. It will be established in the protection of the rights of authors and publishers, especially to facilitate the piracy of books and the exchange of electronic copies in a way that violates the rights of authors and publishers.
While Nadia Masoud, Director of the Library of the University of Sharjah, highlighted that the role of the library is limited to acting as an intermediary between the author or copyright holder of the work and the user represented between the student and the researcher. , availability of sources and storage of various works and that the University Library is working to implement policies and procedures that facilitate it, following the regulation of the operations of the Aspira works with actions to raise awareness about copy control.
At the end of the dialogue session, several participants of the introductory meeting asked questions and the chairman of the association’s board of directors, Dr. Al-Yaziah Khalifa, answered the questions.
The introductory meeting ended with the opening of membership to membership to publishers and writers who meet membership requirements.
It should be noted that the Emirates Copy Rights Management Association announced its launch in March this year, as part of the ceremony, which was attended by strategic partners from the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture. and Youth, Ministry of Community Development, Emirates Publishers Association and Emirates Writers Union and Emirates Intellectual Property Association.
The association is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRO) and aims to monitor the use of works by beneficiaries in cooperation with relevant government agencies and grants reproduction licenses to universities. schools, public libraries, government and the private sector.
The association allows citizens and residents to apply for membership from authors and publishers in the UAE, after providing the necessary documentation and documents and fulfilling the necessary conditions as per the association’s rules.

Source: Al Ittihad


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