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Post: The National Archives and Library participates in the meetings of the International Council on Archives


Abu Dhabi (WAM)

The National Archives and the National Library participated in the ninth annual conference of the International Council on Archives, the current session of which is taking place in Rome, the capital of Italy. as well as its role in preserving and accessing the nation’s memory and providing documented information on the history and heritage of the UAE and the Gulf region to researchers and the general public.
The presentation focused on the emergence of the Gulf Digital Archive as one of the landmark experiences of interest to archivists, explaining how the UAE has invested in a national archive of archival treasures and knowledge that will promote local culture and national belonging. The importance of the Arab Gulf Digital Archive AGDA and what the archive information provides. Before the gathered delegations in Rome, he reviewed the Archives and the National Library, its history since its creation in 1968 under the leadership of its founder and builder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have him in his glory. In order to record the history of the Emirates, then on the verge of reactivation, development and prosperity, the most important stages through which it passed were reviewed, since its constitution as Office of Documentation and Research, Center for Documentation and Research, then Center for Documentation and Research Center , later National Center for Documentation and Research, National Archive, and at the end of 2021, and based on 13 federal regulations, which has the current name of “National Archive”. and the library”. The program then turned to the Gulf Digital Archive, launched online in 2019, to showcase historical and cultural materials that tell the documented and fascinating history of the Gulf. Characters, notes, manuscripts, photographs and official correspondence. In the second phase, the site saw the addition of advanced materials data reading techniques, along with images and world map functionality added to complement the research process.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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