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Post: The National Library and Archives is turning the pages of UAE’s history and heritage


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

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The National Library and Archives has released a set of digital stories on the Google Arts and Culture platform, which includes documented information and high-quality images of historic forts and forts in the UAE, as well as “This Story” Memory of a Nation, in which the Archive and the Library participated. The National Archives at Sheikh Zayed Festival and these stories include hundreds of images drawn from the history of the UAE and its ancient heritage, and the National Archives and Library hopes to feature more stories that enrich the platform with the history of the UAE and its heritage. material and immaterial. It should be noted that the National Archives and Libraries launched the first collection “A História da União” on the Google Arts and Culture platform in 2014.
The move comes from the National Archives and Libraries, in collaboration with Google for Arts and Culture, building on the importance of Emirati heritage and highlighting its characteristics, which indicate its originality and heritage values ​​and Emirati pride. The human being in his material and immaterial human heritage. The National Archives and Libraries often take advantage of modern and advanced technology to preserve the heritage of the ancient Emirates and give the world the opportunity to see it as it is a landmark of civilization that connects the past with the present, and the UAE a right to be proud.
Google Arts and Culture’s mission is to help everyone access global culture, and as an innovative partner, the platform works with over 2,000 cultural institutions in over 80 countries around the world to deliver cultural content to audiences around the world. .
Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Director General of National Archives and Libraries, said: “These pages from the Google Arts and Culture Platform demonstrate to those who study them the important role that National Archives and Libraries play in preservation and accessibility. In memory of the nation and the importance of the electronic content it has provided through this platform, we are proud and assure the world that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God bless, he said (The UAE is not a nation that has gone down in history… We are an ancient people who built great things in the past and will build great things in the future…)”.
Al Ali added: “In line with the vision of our wise leadership, which has made the UAE a symbol of openness to each other and the communication of civilizations, we, through these cultural pages, present to the world a part of our urban civilization that strengthens. Our architectural heritage status throughout the world.” Indicates that the National Archives and Library pages on the Google platform for arts and culture are the starting point of the national project and we are interested in its success and sustainability, and we have historical and documentary photos in the archive and at the National Library that provide us with constant additions and updates.
Attending the ceremony, Martin Rusk, Director of Middle East and North Africa Policy at Google, praised the collaboration with the National Library and Archives and spoke about the National Library’s archives and pages on Google Arts. . and a cultural platform as a window through which the world views the history and heritage of the UAE. He emphasized the importance of future cooperation between the two sides.
Amina Ahmed Al Shehhi, Head of Electronic Media, gave a presentation on the new pages launched by the National Archives and Libraries in 2022 on the exhibition Castles and Fortresses and Memory of the Nation on the Google Arts and Culture platform and reviewed. Future projects to be implemented according to a specific time plan. He emphasized the importance of strengthening Google’s future partnership for arts and culture, contributing to the dissemination and sustainability of creative activities and cultural collaborations.

Source: Al Ittihad

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