Opinion“Alserkal Lets” .. and the development of cultural services...

“Alserkal Lets” .. and the development of cultural services in artistic spaces


Nuuf Al Musa (Dubai)
“Space does not oblige us in the future, most of what we are trying to develop is a form of cultural service and its multiple forms in artistic spaces, especially deepening communication with artists, which we work systematically through the Alserkal Art Foundation. refers to the artist residency program as one of the most visible cognitive and research steps to deepen the artistic experience between artist and place,” said Abdel Monei bin Isa Al Sarkal, founder of Al Serkal Avenue. The opening night of the “Al Serkal Lets” event, which in turn reflects the transformations taking place in Dubai’s creative community. Gorkut, Executive Director of the Alserkal Institute, invites new artists and the art and media community to rediscover the cultural project on Alserkal Avenue. By creating a center of interactive communities with the art world.
In its response to the question of “connection”, about the balance between the commercial dimension, which bets on the national creative economy strategy, and cultural action and its challenges on the ground, through galleries and emerging artists, in addition to the amazing diversity . Of the international artists who are actively represented through their paintings, installations and new concepts, Velma Gurkot said: The two sides are the main pillars to complete the sustainability cycle of the creative act, which naturally includes the audience and the artist. The core of the general context, for any cultural and creative platform, is that on “Alserkal Avenue”, with the exception of the Al Quoz Arts District project, the field of art is the main source of income for artists, which is an important indicator and the main objective for the advanced stage is to enrich the network of communication and cooperation in creative and artistic platforms.

community participation
What stands out in the exterior and interior routes of the “Alserkal Lets” event is the character of the participating works, since they are public, which means that in some they have a sense of public participation, like all of them. The path wants to go beyond the limits of private galleries, towards the spaces of public space, and although the Emirati artist Aza Al Qubais, one of the participants of the event, believes that the size of his works, whether small or large. , rejects the sense of scale and size in your imagination. Making the recipient realize that what you do with material in jewelry design is an artistic act and broadening the scope of your work through sculptures, using the fusion of many material processes, but trying to suggest to the recipient that creativity is not valued directly in the material, but in how it expressed the artist’s creativity and uniqueness, which is why artist Aza Al Qubaisi decided to play it. Sculptures falling on us when we decide to wear jewelry and this may be his way, as he says, of making the concepts of childish spontaneity infinite. It has a broad horizon and its shadows are reflected in new possibilities in the reality of our everyday lives. .

text and scene
The Third Line Art Exhibition on Avenida Alserkal featured a solo exhibition by Egyptian artist Youssef Nabil, who lives and works between Paris and Harlem, presenting a selection of contemporary works, including images of cinematic landscapes and fictional self-portraits titled. “Hermoso Viaje”, a documentary video that celebrates the voice of the mother, inspired by the memory of this place, impressed the guests of the “Alserkal Lets” event, where the serenity and the poetic feeling between the text and the natural landscape in the video. There is a state of eternal meditation associated with healthy human thinking, the artist’s mother’s voice seems to be telling him that she won’t leave Egypt in life, she comes back to him somehow. Each moment is somewhere in its continuation.

Source: Al Ittihad


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