Opinion“Place” and “Formation” are two sessions that reflect the...

“Place” and “Formation” are two sessions that reflect the fragrant heritage of the Emirates.


Saad Abdul-Rad and Huwaida Al-Hassan (Al-Ain)

The House of Mohammed Bin Khalifa in Al Ain witnessed two cultural sessions with a group of creators as part of the “Al Ain Book Festival 2022” organized by the Department of the Arabic Language Center in Abu Dhabi. Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, until November 20th, with the slogan “Eyes are more open for you”. from home.”
The two sessions, held in collaboration between the Literary Forum Hall and Center and the Muhammad Bin Khalifa House Cultural Hall, were moderated by Asmaa Al-Mutawa, Founder and President of the Literary Forum Hall. On the historical status of the city and its nobility, and the cultural weight it represents, linking the country’s past with its present, the guests spoke about the most important characteristics, the uniqueness of the city of Al-Ain and how the local community it is connected with the authentic customs and traditions derived from the original ancient heritage.

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if the place could talk
And on the first night, which was held under the name “If the place speaks”, the Emirati writer and director Nasser Al Daheri spoke about the civilizational and cultural dimensions of places and explained that the city of Al Ain is characterized by a unique specificity. 🇧🇷 Because it was the connecting road of the world’s civilizations, as a transport and trade route, it also contains antiquities and historical values ​​dating back many years, including Falaj, which is still the best remaining Aflaji, and the remains of a mosque, which dates back to the first Islamic era, etc.
Al Dhaheri noted that the House of Muhammad Bin Khalifa is one of the most important landmarks in Al Ain and has witnessed many important memories in the history of the city.
Nasser Al Daheri noted that while the city of Al Ain has the distinction of preserving its traditional character and privacy, much of its history is transmitted orally, which may make it vulnerable to extinction, noting that this history needs to be documented. A path that goes beyond mere individual effort and indicates that he wants to connect the new generation with its ancient past and bridge the gap between the past and the present.

Visual art
In an evening entitled “Modernity in Fine Arts”, plastic artist Dr. Karima Shomali and Emirati painter and sculptor Dr. Muhammad Youssef, have revised their works that reflect the aesthetics of the Emirati heritage. His artwork focuses on the Emirati burqa, sihara or mando, and “sihara” in Emirati heritage is the name of a small box containing decorative tools, jewelry, perfume, etc., while “mandus” is a type of box containing the precious needs of the bride. , the burqa is one of the most important traditional symbols of Emirati society, adopted by women as a means of adornment and modesty.
Al-Shomali noted that the rituals associated with the Emirati burqa industry and textiles in general have many meanings, the most important of which related to the “dye of the Nile” used to make the burqa and help preserve it. Aesthetics and splendor, but many of these rituals are on the verge of extinction due to social and cultural changes that have contributed to the disappearance of the customs associated with them, and for this reason I wanted to document them through art.
In turn, Dr. Muhammad Youssef highlighted the importance of visual research, which leads to reading history, tasting music and studying the place, a basic starting point for all creativity. With which he expressed the intimacy and aesthetics of the environment and heritage of the Emirates, in many of them using waste or environmental components such as wood and palm trees, and the plastic artist praised the effort of the country that opened horizons to artistic creativity. 🇧🇷

Source: Al Ittihad


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