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Post: Salem al-Qasi’s poems are set to music at Al Muwaij fort


Saad Abdul-Rad and Huwaida Al-Hassan (Al-Ain)

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Al Muwaij Castle in the city of Al Ain witnessed the first night of ‘The Sung Word’ program, in which the Al Ain Book Festival 2022 celebrates the symbols of Nabatean poetry and their legacy through immortal sung verses. With the best of me”, Dr. Aisha Al Featuring Shams, Abdullah Al Shams and Yasser Al Neyadi along with Khalifa Obaid Al Daheri, Jamal Matar and Emirati singer Khaled Mohammed. The evening was moderated by journalist Jamal Matar, who remembered the late Emirati poet. Biography of Salem Al-Qassi Born in 1915 in the Al-Jim region of Al-Ain, distinguished for his insight and intelligence, excelled in composing Nabata poetry, influenced by the environment in which he grew up, who played a role important in the birth of great and illustrious poets in the city of Al-Ain.
During the night, Emirati singer Khaled Mohammed sang a collection of poems by poet Salem Al-Qasi, including the song “Went, Nat Maatal, Welcome, Taana and Journey”, accompanied by the lute. Dr. Aisha Al Shamsi spoke about the impact of the late poet’s travels and education in the Al-Jim region, which was the first catalyst for Nabata’s talent for writing poetry, noting that his powerful and meaningful poems were spread and sung. Many singers achieved great popularity among the public at the time thanks to the tapes and cylinders that recorded their voices. Emirati singers including Mehd Hamad and Ali bin Rogha have mentioned Al-Qas in their poetry and praised him, and singer Jaber Jassim has sung for him on rare recordings.
Al-Qas also introduced a distinct type of modern Nabataean poetry during the period when he incorporated the foreign vocabulary that emerged with the emergence of new companies in the region to transform it into a suitable local expression for his poems. , gearbox and dual associated with the luxury cars of the time.
His sung poem “Wenti Wenat Moatal” performed by Emirati singer Mehd Hamad is considered one of the most important poems that gained great popularity at the time due to the rough vocabulary with which he described suffering, groaning and pain, and organized. Through him, the word in its proper place, taking into account the details of the dimensions and linguistic angles that adorned the poem, transforming it into an artistic painting that shares its suffering with the recipient of poetry Nabata.
Emirati director and journalist Yasser Al Neyadi presented a collection of poems of a unique reading by Al Qasi, who knew how to narrate as if it were a fairy tale, recalling the letters from his hometown, which stood out for their literary sophistication. talent in the systems of Nabataean poetry to make him one of the most important poets of the Emirati in its literary production.

Source: Al Ittihad

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